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This article explains entries that are made for AppID\.exe mapping under the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key in the registry by using the DCOMCNFG utility, and the implications of it.

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Flying Soon? Apply for your REAL ID at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Minnesota air travelers flying out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s (MSP) Terminal 1 can save themselves a trip to a DVS, deputy registrar or driver’s license agent office and apply for their REAL ID at the airport.

If you received a DMV letter asking for a second proof of residency document and are unsure what to do, see our Second Residency Requirement FAQs.. When your REAL ID driver license or identification card is up for renewal, you may be eligible to renew it online.

Personal ID – Allows you to access online services that require your verified identity where you are acting in an individual capacity (i.e. Not as a business). Getting Started. Registering for a Personal ID is a two part process. 1. ID Self Registration

*Updated March 19, 2020* The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel at this time due to the global impact of COVID-19. Many areas throughout the world are now experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks and taking action that may limit traveler


Apple ID is an authentication method used by Apple for iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices. Apple IDs contain user personal information and settings. When an Apple ID is used to log into an Apple device, the device will automatically use the settings associated with the Apple ID.

Scam and spam call protection is getting even better. With our latest updates to T-Mobile Name ID, you can see the type of organization that’s calling, send directly to voicemail by call type—or block calls altogether. And your call preferences are stored on our network, so when you get a new phone, your settings are there.

Mar 04, 2020 · Instance ID provides a unique ID per instance of your apps. You can implement Instance ID for Android and iOS apps as well as Chrome apps/extensions.. Key features. In addition to providing unique IDs for authentication, Instance ID can generate security tokens for use with other services.

Digital Insurance ID Cards. The days of rummaging through your wallet or glovebox for an insurance ID card are over. Now you can access everything directly from your mobile device.

GitHub Apps. The GitHub Apps API enables you to get high-level information about a GitHub App as well as specific information about installations of the app.


All Android apps have a package name. The package name uniquely identifies the app on the device; it is also unique in the Google Play store. This means that once you have published an app with this package name, you can never change it; doing so would cause your app to be treated as a brand new app, and existing users of your app will not see the newly packaged app as an update.

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How to apply for a Texas Identification Card. The Department issues identification cards that are valid for up to six years to Texas residents. To apply for an ID card, you will need to provide proof of the following:


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Download Square Point of Sale. Square Point of Sale is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

QuickBooks apps expand the capabilities of QuickBooks Online, each working together to improve your business. All QuickBooks apps are free to try!


Overview. For faster service in an MVD office: Complete the following application, If you’re applying for a Travel ID, we’ll assist you in gathering your documents.

Proof of Residency for Applicants who are Homeless or Survivors of Domestic Violence. An applicant who does not have a stable home address, or who is a survivor of domestic violence, may prove residency by providing a letter from a City agency, nonprofit organization, religious institution, hospital, or health clinic, establishing that they live in New York City.


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Apply for a Federal Tax ID (EIN) Number Obtain your Tax ID (EIN) by selecting the appropriate entity or business type from the list below. Once your application has been submitted our agents will begin on your behalf to file your application and obtain your Tax ID (EIN). After your Tax ID (EIN) is obtained []



The Common Application is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to access, equity and integrity in the college admission process. We support a centralized or “common” online application system for more than 800 colleges and universities worldwide that enables more than 1 million students – a third of whom are first generation – to apply to college.

What is a Tax ID? What is an EIN? Are they the same thing? There are a few different names that all refer to the same nine-digit number — with the format 12-3456789 — that all entities must obtain from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in order to start a business, even if it

Mar 10, 2018 · Create Bundle id or App id for iOS Application just in 3 minutes. Log into your Apple Developer Account just click on URL

Oct 16, 2019 · This document covers how to use the Google Play Console to set up Google Play games services for your Android game. The Google Play Console provides a centralized place for you to manage game services and configure metadata for authorizing and authenticating your game.


SEC EDGAR Filer Technical Support Form ID Frequently Asked Questions . June 10, 2019 Page 1 . The Form ID is an electronic application that all new filers must complete before

The ROAD iD App is a real-time GPS tracking and safety app for runners, cyclists, hikers, walkers and basically anyone not glued to their couch.

Open and familiar languages and tools Quickly build and deploy applications using many of the popular languages like Java ™, PHP, Node.js, Python, C#, .Net, Ruby, and Go or bring your own language runtimes and frameworks if you choose.Get started quickly with zero configuration deployments in App

Use Azure App Service to create powerful cloud apps for web and mobile clients running on any platform or device faster than ever before.

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Microsoft is radically simplifying cloud dev and ops in first-of-its-kind Azure Preview portal at

To sign your application electronically, click the “Log in” button on the home page to log in, and then click the “Provide Signatures” button.The student (and parent if required) will enter own their FSA ID and click “sign”.

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Oct 28, 2019 · Enabling Touch ID for use in apps means that you can lock apps with your fingerprint on your iPhone and iPad. Using Touch ID as an app locker allows you to protect sensitive information such as private documents or personal finance information, instead of setting a password that you might forget. However, other apps such as Facebook don’t allow you to use a fingerprint lock. Once you have

You’re shopping at the mall with your children when one of them suddenly disappears. A quick search of the nearby area is unsuccessful. What do you do? Now there’s a free new tool from the FBI

Let’s get started! What is the purpose of your visit? For more information on the California Dream Act including the application worksheet, Spanish paper version and other useful forms, visit the CA Dream Act Resources Page.


PAGE 1 OF 3 All male U.S. citizens and immigrants ages 18 through 25 must register with SSS or violate the law. Failure to register is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison


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With the eBay mobile app it’s easy to buy, sell, and browse while on the move. Available for both Android and iOS, it can also let you know when listings are ending or if you’ve been outbid.